Sunday, October 9, 2011

OT: Sweets: Must Stash for Fighting Stress

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Stress is an understatement. It's the time of the semester wherein there are a lot of things to be done in just a span of two weeks. Projects need to be passed. Articles must be published. Tests have to be aced. And so, I sing: 'Tis the season to be cramming. Fa la la la la la  la la la. ♫♪

To be honest, stress is nothing to new to me. Working and studying at the same time makes stress a buddy of mine. We're tight, y'know. Although I'm no guru in fighting stress, I've some tricks off my sleeves on how I can cope with stress. Well, you all know what I'm talking about: FOOD.

Some think that eating too much when stressed isn't a good idea. Well, there goes your belly and your weight when impulsively eating. But I really don't care about that. Or, maybe I'm just lucky that I'm immune to gaining weight despite my sugary diet. Another thing is that I cannot think with my stomach empty. I'm the type of person who eats and eats when under pressure or extreme stress. I could not study on an empty stomach. There are others, like my brother, who could not study when full. Not me, sir. I like to have food on my study table. 

Kit Kat is probably one of the best things that happened to snacks. I looooove Kit Kat, especially Kit Kat Bites. It's like an immediate shot of happiness when you're all stressed. It's a good feel of high when you're just feeling low with all the things that you have to do. A pack of Kit Kat Bites in a no-sleep night will prove handy.

My all-time comfort food is the combo McDonald's hot fudge and fries. I super love the combination. Just these two and I'm great. It simply makes anyone's day. It's definitely a cheap thrill that can up your spirits. 

I'm not really a bottled-iced-tea girl (Sola is an exception) but iced tea is a helpful tool when I just want to be awake. Although coffee is definitely yummy, there are just times when I'd rather have something cold. I've found iced tea to be really invigorating. It refreshes you and gives you energy. I especially love Sola. I  love its taste and its packaging. WaterPlus Smart is also another drink that I've been drinking lately. It's a good substitute for water. It is actually an apple-flavored water.

Cornetto is a good buy for those who cannot afford ice cream for the mean time. Although it is not as good as Gelatissimo, it is still yummy enough. For P20 you already become full. I prefer the Choco Hazelnut flavor. I like Cornetto because it's worth the money.

So these are just some of the things that I like to have when stress is calling my name. I really load on sugar and carbo when I have to do a lot of things. We all have different comfort food and it's good to at least feed your brain when you are working it out. 

*Note: These are just my opinion in fighting stress. It's not scientifically proven. It's based on my experiences. Teehee! :))


paw2x said...

Fudge and Fries. Nom nom nom!

Ana Ortiz said...

@paw2x: Sooo nom nom nomo! 'Til the next McDo date, love. :D

Christina said...

Ka lami ba ani. Have you tried dark kit-kat? *drool* good that you have fast metabolism! All the weight go somewhere else. Haha

Ana Ortiz said...

@Christina: No, I haven't tried that. I saw one but pricey gamay and di masigo sa akong grocery/food haul budget. Dx

You know my secret, Tin? My hair! All the calories go there. HAHAHA.

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