Saturday, June 8, 2013

OT: Pizzeria Michaelangelo

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The first time I went to Pizzeria Michaelangelo was work related. I had to interview the general manager, Chef Massimo la Magna, for their ad. He offered us some dishes and they were really heavenly. We tried their pasta and pizza and they were both so flavorful. I then vowed to go back again and try their yummy pasta.

So, I through of bringing the boyfriend with me to the restaurant next time. He's also a fan of pasta and I figured it would be a nice date.

When we got there, the place was empty. I guess we were too early for dinner. The staff attended to our needs right away. They were really nice and courteous. The ambiance was comfortable and cozy, as usual. I was glad that the boyfriend found the place charming. He's not really the type of person who's comfortable with posh places. So, I was really happy he liked the place.

Alla Contadina


pistachio gelato

vanilla pistachio
We ordered Alla Contadina (P250), Boscaiola (P290), pistachio gelato (P85), vanilla gelato (P85), and some Sola. I tried the Alla Contadina when I interviewed Chef Massimo. I really loved it. So, I wanted to try it again. The sauce is made to perfection. The tomato sauce and the herbs complement each other. There's a strong "herb" kind of flavor with every bite. But, it's just sooo good. The boyfriend's Boscaiola is really sumptuous. The white sauce was just creamy and yummy. The boyfriend definitely loved and enjoyed his food.

I looove their gelato. It was delicious. Although the serving is a bit smaller than Gelatissimo's, it was definitely enjoyable.Vanilla tasted just how it should be. It was creamy and had some bits of chocolate that made it even more good on the taste buds.  My pistachio was just heavenly. I love pistachio and it was the best way to finish our sumptuous dinner.

I would definitely go back to Michaelangelo, if I have the time. The food and service is really worth that short walk from the jeepney stop. It really is the best Italian restaurant in Cebu. Thanks to Chef Massimo for taking care of us and for the complimentary drinks, as well. :)

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