Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Banana Way

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I love bananas! I love banana cakes, banana jam, fried bananas. I love everything and anything about bananas. And, we got lucky because we found this stall last weekend. Guess what? They sell bananas! You hear me right. Bananas in the mall!

I was really ecstatic when I found their stall in SM City Cebu. The boyfriend and I were waiting for a friend to come out from Odyssey when we saw picture of a banana covered in green syrup (he likes green). So, I knew he wanted to try. Well, the bananas looked tempting so we gave it a shot.

Frozen banana with green apple syrup and candy sprinkles.

We bought three bananas from Frozen Dipped Bananas on Stick. For P25 you can already get a banana with a syrup or your choice and a dip of your choice. The boyfriend opted for a green apple syrup and candy sprinkled. I chose chocolate syrup and chocolate sprinkles. My friend got chocolate syrup and candy sprinkle for her banana. 

I can say it was really good. It's like you're biting the usual candy coated sweets, but you're tasting bananas in the inside. It definitely is a healthier way to candies. The syrup and the sprinkles were sweet and the banana somehow neutralized the sugar.

Frozen dipped bananas in a cup. With wafer sticks!

We didn't get pictures that time since we just came from a thrifting trip downtown. So, the boyfriend and I decided to come back soon and get some bananas soon. Since I felt so down the other day, I decided to grab some frozen dipped bananas (and Bubble Bee!). 

The boyfriend still got the same banana with green apple syrup and candy sprinkles. On the other hand, I got bananas on cup which cost P45. If you are getting the cup, you will be able to choose two syrups and two sprinkles for your banana. I picked strawberry and chocolate syrup added with candy and chocolate sprinkles. It also looked cute!

What's left of my bananas in the cup. LOL.

They didn't really have any place to eat your bananas, so we went to Bubble Bee Tea House.We tried the bananas and sadly, they tasted weird. They felt squishy. The syrup and sprinkles still tasted great. But, when you get to the core (the banana part), it was sloppy. 

The previous bananas we got from our last visit were great. I think the bananas are starting to rot or maybe they're overripe. Nevertheless, trying it out was really good. I'd still buy one next time. I hope it'll be a better tasting banana.

My dipped bananas with my ultra fave Almond Tea. Yum!

If you are also interested, here is a sketch to their stall. Forgive the awful sketching skills.

It's near the staircase. I hope you get my sketch though. xD


Anonymous said...

nice one! i'll try it soon :)

Ana Ortiz said...

@naturallyglee: you should! it's a cheaper way to have something sweet at the mall.

BTW, thanks for dropping by! :)

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